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Religious Broadcasts

iPlayer Sunday Worship 5 April 2020 Palm Sunday

BBC Radio 3 Choral Evensong Wednesdays at 3.30.p.m and Sundays at 3.00.p.m.

BBC Radio 4 Sunday morning services at 8:10am

BBC One Sunday Worship Easter Sunday at 11:25am

BBC One Songs of Praise Sundays at 1:15pm

Stations of the Cross

Join Lynn Hellmuth in journeying with Jesus through His passion all the way to His death. As Christians have done through the centuries, Lynn uses the stations of the cross to call to mind various points of Christ’s journey to Calvary.

Sarah Sings

These are the Palm Sunday hymns from the Reflection section in this week’s notice sheet.

Listen to more singing by Sarah.

Four Candles

More music and videos.


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