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    Baptism at St John's
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    Shoebox Sunday
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    Fun on Shoebox Sunday

We are delighted to welcome our new Vicar – Reverend Dr Mark Borley

Greetings from Rev Mark

Firstly, I would like to say that I am very pleased to be joining you as your ‘Interim Vicar’. I sense a shared conviction that this is ‘the right match at the right time’, and that it has the potential to be a time of joy and fruitfulness all round.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks and months, and will ensure that there are opportunities for you to get to know me as well! In the meantime, I thought a bit about my background would be helpful.

My principle previous career was as a Business /Systems Analyst and IT Development Manager, before I was ordained in 2004. I have worshipped and ministered in a wide range of churches, and value what different traditions offer. I have an inclusive approach to ministry, and am most comfortable with a broadly-based, central churchmanship, drawing on varied styles according to the particular situation and people involved.

I have three particular passions in church life and ministry:
i) Nurturing and developing the faith and discipleship of existing        church members

ii) Engaging effectively with those who are not currently part of the church helping to draw them to faith and to become part of its life and worship.

iii) Developing engagement with the local community to share and demonstrate the love of God in practical ways and establish fruitful relationships.

My conviction is that God has been behind this opportunity to share in the life and ministry of St John’s at this important time, and it’s my hope and prayer that we will all experience His blessings as we approach both the present and the future together with His guidance and help.

Warmest wishes and blessings





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Our purpose at St. John’s is to
  • Glorify God with our voices and lives
  • Care for each other and enrich our personal faith
  • Share God’s love with the wider community










For God. For Stoneleigh. For Life.